Social Responsibility

At , we believe in the essence of social responsibility; uBuntu, we are because of others and our charitability is a sign of this. If it wasn’t for you, we would not exist.

aims to produce quality food at reasonable prices, while uplifting the communities around us through our outreach programs.  is a brand focused on you, the customer, and your family and community. We strive for a holistic approach to business.

We believe in supporting the poor and needy through charity, while also fulfilling the needs of others. Thus, charity serves as a way to bring justice, balance and kindness to the world and build sustainable futures for those to come.

As a result of this, we have a number of outreach programs that serve the environment and, especially, the less fortunate. We strive to ensure that our actions improve the quality of life in the communities we reach.

Beyond this, we look after our supply chain by buying local and supporting small local businesses. By supporting those who supplies us we can ensure that you get the best quality produce, as well as uplift those around us.

Behaving in a transparent, ethical manner ensures an approach that helps protect the long-term success of society and the environment.

Our greatest gift is the ability to give to others, for our sake not their own.